P0341 – Camshaft Position Sensor Range-Performance Problem MMC L200 IV


  • The camshaft position sensor detects the top dead centre on the compression stroke of the No. 1 cylinder and inputs a pulse signal to the engine-ECU.


  • Battery positive voltage is 6 – 16 V.
  • Engine speed is 350 r/min or more.
  • The number of output pulses from the camshaft position sensor every two engine rotations (from when one excessive tooth is detected to when another is detected) is not five.


  • Failed camshaft position sensor
  • Open/short circuit in camshaft position sensor circuit or loose connector contact
  • Failed engine-ECU


    STEP 1. Installation check of camshaft position sensor

  • Check whether the camshaft position sensor is correctly installed.
  • Q. Is the check result normal?

    STEP 2. M.U.T.-III diagnosis code

  • Reconfirmation of diagnosis code.
  • Q. Is the diagnosis code set?

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