B1432 – Side-airbag module (LH) (squib) system (short-circuited to the earth) MMC Colt


  • The SRS-ECU judges how severe a collision is by detecting signals from the left and right side impact sensors. If the impact is over a predetermined level, the SRS-ECU sends an ignition signal. At this time, if the side-airbag safing G-sensor is on, the SRS side-airbag will inflate.
  • The ignition signal is input to the side-airbag module to inflate the side-airbag.


  • Damaged wiring harnesses or connectors
  • Short to earth in the left hand side-airbag module (squib) harness
  • Malfunction of the SRS-ECU


    STEP 1. M.U.T.-III CAN bus diagnostics.

    Q. Is the CAN bus line found to be normal?

    STEP 2. Check whether the diagnosis code is reset.

    Q. Is the diagnosis code set?

    STEP 3. Check the side-airbag module (LH) (M.U.T.-III data list).

    Q. Is diagnosis code B1432 set?

    STEP 4. Resistance measurement at the SRS-ECU connector B-109.

    Q. Are the check result normal?

    STEP 5. Check the side-airbag module (RH) (M.U.T.-III diagnosis code).

    Q. Is diagnosis code B1420 set?

    STEP 6. Check whether the diagnosis code is reset.

    Q. Is diagnosis code B1432 set?

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